#42. Cheesy Goodness!

With only 2 breads left to go in this challenge, I have been dragging my heels somewhat.  I sort of feel a bit sad that the end has come.  I have come to love hearing from my fellow Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challengers and feel like they have become my new friends.  It will be a bit lonely around here without their feedback and support.  Aggh!! I’ve become my own worst nightmare, “A group person!!”  In school, I always hated group projects.  I’m a bit of a loner and prefer to work in isolation.  However, having cyber friends is the perfect solution for me.  They are around when I want them and then gone when I click my heels! (well, not quite my heels but my computer mouse).

This week’s bread is Potato, Cheddar and Chive Torpedos.  The dough is made with a bit of my wild yeast starter as well as some commercial yeast.  The addition of boiled potatoes and some potato cooking water make a silky dough.  When I first started adding the chives I thought I’d never get them all incorporated into the dough, but after a few minutes of hand kneading, mission accomplished.


Once the dough rises, it’s time to add the cheese and shape the loaf into torpedos.

 The dough is left to rise a second time and then it’s scored right through to the cheese layer.  Into a hot oven to bake.

Once we sliced into this loaf,  it disappeared very quickly.  A little chewy and crusty on the outside and soft and gooey inside.  A perfect loaf.  Damn these caloric little torpedos.

9 thoughts on “#42. Cheesy Goodness!

  1. gaaarp

    Beautiful!! And don’t worry about the end of the Challenge. You’ll find a new one to keep you occupied and in touch!

  2. Abby

    Can you believe you only have one more bread left?!? Your torpedoes are gorgeous . . . I loved this one, too . . . your photos make me want to make it again NOW! =)

  3. charlotte

    Ha! Speaking of wanting it NOW….

    Saw this early in the morning – quickly threw a dough into my bread machine – went out for my run – got back, kneaded in the chives – rolled the cheese into it – showered – did laundry – was risen and baked in time for brunch with the family. They LOVED it!

  4. Karl

    Please know that I am more than willing to be a taste tester for ANY and all of your baking!! Having had the sumptueous pleasure of enjoying your cookies, I can only imagine how flavourful the breads must be – even if they start with “w”.

  5. misterrios

    Oh yum! This is my next bread, and after looking at your beautiful cheese filled breads I want to start on them right now.


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