Three Pea Coconut Rice and Chicken

in pan 625 sq 1Just did a quick check and discovered that coconut has been featured 15 times on my blog.  To  the coconut haters out there, “I’m sorry”, and to the rest of you lovely folks I say, “you’re welcome”.

When I saw this dish on serious eats last month I bookmarked it immediately. This recipe checked all the boxes for me; one pot complete dinner, flavourful moist chicken thighs, coconut milk and jasmine rice. Since we are trying to limit our intake of white carbs, white rice has been scarce around here lately. But every so often, I get a craving for Basmati or Jasmine rice. The nutty, popcorny aroma that envelopes my kitchen makes me believe that all is right with the world and that I am very loved.

Yasmin Fahr, creator of this recipe asked “Why I don’t cook everything in coconut milk is beyond me.” Well Yasmin, in answer to your question, I would bathe in coconut milk if I could, but if I cooked everything in it, I would surely weigh 200 pounds. The sweet luxurious coconut milk in this recipe  is saved from a cloying fate by the addition of cumin and a strong hint of cayenne. The finishing touches of lime and cilantro produces a dinner that packs a wallop of flavour.

You must exercise great patience when browning the chicken thighs. Put the pan on high, add the thighs, skin down and leave them alone for a good 8-10 minutes. The brown caramelized bits and pieces of chicken that get stuck to the pan, known in French as “fond” should not be thrown out.  The chicken stock and coconut milk  will help you to to scrape up all those flavourful dark bits. They will dissolve and become the foundation for the luxurious sauce that the chicken and rice are cooked in.browning chicken

zesting limesdicing onionsThe original recipe called for adding snow peas during the last few minutes of cooking for some crunch and gorgeous colour. I went with a triple pea crunch and added snow peas, sugar snaps and some frozen green peas, because that’s how I was raised. I come from a home where more is better. When my mom made banana bread, if the recipe called for 3 bananas, my mom added 5.  It produced a loaf with the heft of a brick, but heck, that’s just  how mom rolled. sugar snaps

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6 thoughts on “Three Pea Coconut Rice and Chicken

  1. Virginia

    Is that really all the time needed to cook bone-in chicken thighs? Do you cut Jaques Pepin’s suggested “slits” next to the bone? I am obsessed with jasmine rice and coconut milk. My husband will be delighted I found such a new way to have both. Also…do you remove the skin before adding back to the rice? I always feel it looses it’s crispness and isn’t as appealing. As always, LOVE your blog.

    1. saltandserenity Post author

      Thanks Virginia. My chicken thighs were really small so, in addition to the browning time at the beginning, they were done in 25 minutes. I had never heard of Jaques Pepin’s slit next to the bone trick, but it is really quite brilliant. I will be doing that next time I make thighs. Regarding the chicken skin, I did not remove it. The chicken sat on top of the rice and onions and only the bottom third of each thigh was under liquid, so the top stayed nice and brown, but yes, it did lose some crispness. I have never thought of removing the skin. It is a great idea for when you braise. I may have to steal that idea!! Thanks.

  2. Bob Vivant

    This may just be my favorite recipe of 2014. Thank you! We made it for dinner last night and it was nothing short of AMAZING. Greg is stingy with his five star ratings, but this got one. We used cauliflower rice, because we can’t eat white rice this month. I added the tiny cauliflower bits and simmered it for about 8-10 minutes with the lid off. Can’t wait to try it again next month with the rice! Hope you’re enjoying the spring!

  3. motherdaughtergradtrip

    I have made this dish five times and it’s made a way into our regular family repertoire. Recently, at “Book Club” retreat it became a hit.
    Yes, those who claim they only like white meat, this recipe will change their mind ( à la my husband ).


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