Lime Coconut Squares

with milkA really good lime square should have more than a whisper of citrus flavour. It needs a big shout-out of lip puckering sourness. The base is usually quite sweet, so the topping needs to be really tart. The key to achieving this balance is not as simple as adding more lime juice.  When baking, the juice and zest of citrus fruits react differently. The flavour compounds in the juice are suspended in water, so they evaporate during baking and you are left with only a mild citrus flavour.  Zest, on the other hand, contains essential oils that do not dissipate with the heat of the oven, so the pucker power remains strong.

Lime and coconut is a perfect pairing for summer, and these bars pack a serious pop of lime flavour. mise en placeCitrus squares typically have a shortbread-like base. I decided to mix things up a bit and added some oats to my base. The dough comes together quickly and can be patted into the pan with your hands, no rolling necessary.mixing basepressing base into panThe filling is mixed in one bowl. Fast and easy.pouring filling on crustspreading filling evenlyLet it snow!let it snowcut into perfect squaresWhile small in stature, these squares are mighty in flavour. The edges of the crust are crunchy but the center remains slightly chewy. The filling is loaded with tart lime and tropical coconut flavours. A dusting of icing sugar provides just the right sweet counterpart to all that pucker.

Click here to print recipe for Lime Coconut Squares.on green plate

5 thoughts on “Lime Coconut Squares

  1. Faith Feingold

    Yum!! Kerry and I just read your post and she is going to make them for us. But she wanted your thoughts on substituting the canola oil with coconut oil. Bcs we know how much u love coconut!! Xo Faithy

    p.s great pics as usual!!

  2. Victoria

    I couldn’t wait to get home from work to make these, I’m eating one right now and it may lead to another…..

  3. themondaybox

    Lime is my very favorite citrus flavor. These bars look luscious! I bet the added oatmeal gives the crust just a bit more chew and toasty flavor. Great idea! The filling sounds pucker perfect. 😉 I appreciate your including an explanation about the flavor impact from juice vs zest. I knew the zest added more flavor, but I didn’t know why. Your top image of the stacked bars and the snowing image are my favorites, but all of your photos made me hungry!


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