Canada Day Pizza

unbaked 2Happy Canada Day! For 148 years old, the old broad’s in pretty good shape. As I survey the state of the world around me, I feel supremely grateful to be living in this beautiful country.

Many Canadian families commemorated the day with a 2-4 of Labatts, a Timmie’s double double or perhaps one of these awesome treats. Here at our cottage we celebrated with a  pizza decorated like the Canadian flag, because that’s just how we roll. My daughter sent me this photo of an American Flag pizza and said we should make a Canadian version. american flag pizza 2I’m always up for a culinary challenge. The dough should be made at least a day or two in advance. The slow rise in the fridge allows the flavours to develop and the end result is a crust with a nutty flavour and a satisfying chewy texture. dough ingredientsadding warm water to yeastWithin 10 minutes, the warm water has activated the yeast and it’s all bubbly.bubbling yeastmixing doughThe sauce for this pizza couldn’t be simpler. Just blend everything together . No cooking required. Anchovy paste is the secret ingredient that gives incredible depth of flavour, but not a fishy taste.sauce ingredientsThe dough gets stretched flat in a well oiled 13 x 18 inch sheet pan. If the dough refuses to stretch, and keeps springing back, wait about 10 minutes and try again. It’s like a toddler having a temper tantrum. Just walk away and come back after it’s had a chance to relax.stretching pizza dough 1stretching pizza dough 2Sauce goes next. Then a layer of shredded mozzarella and a grating of Parmesan.saucing grating parm 2We used a maple leaf cookie cutter to help us form the roasted grape tomatoes into a leaf shape. Two rows of thinly sliced raw plum tomatoes made a pretty red border.fixing leaf shape 2fixing leaf shape 3Happy Cannabis Day. Sort of looks more like a cannabis leaf than a maple leaf!unbaked

Click here for recipe for Canada Day Pizza.








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