Happy Blogiversary to me. This is my 300th post! When I look back at my first post, It seems hard for me to believe I have been at this for over 6 years. This journey has been one of self discovery as well as one heck of a huge learning curve. With each post I learn something new and develop skills I never knew I had the capacity for. The most joyous thing about blogging is the readers. Connecting with strangers out there in the blogosphere is really incredible. (Also, it’s a great way to hear from your family!) Thanks so much you guys, for continuing to subscribe, read and leave me comments! Bloggers live for the comments. It means we are not just spewing off to an empty vacuum. Someone is out there listening.

For my 300th post I though I would talk about inspiration. People always ask me how do I think of subjects to blog about. Where does my inspiration come from?

Sometimes it comes from obvious sources, like travel to FloridaThe Amalfi Coast or South Africa. At times the nucleus of an idea forms as I am just going about my daily routine, perhaps at spin class or even something as mundane as sitting in the bathroom.

Life’s little challenges along the way can often provide inspiration as well. My son’s gluten intolerance spawned this post, and empty nest syndrome inspired this one. Once in a while sheer greed gives rise to a post, such as this one about a Chip Stand Crawl. Often the spark is my excitement to share an awesome new recipe I’ve discovered and can’t believe I have ever lived without before, like Double Coconut Granola. And then, once in a blue moon, lightning strikes, literally!

A visit to Parkdale Market yesterday left me feeling very inspired. Stay tuned for posts about all these gorgeous vegetables.


green and yellow beansstrawberriespurple cauliflowerwhite cauliflower


25 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Lynnie

    Happy Blogiversary! You’re creating such a lovely legacy. Filling my clippings binder with such great recipes too! Congratulations!

  2. Faith feingold

    Happy Blogiversary!! You are an inspiration!! Love your storytelling, recipes and gorgeous photography!! To the next 300 posts!!! Xoxo

  3. Brigitte

    Congratulations on your 300th blogoversary!! I always wait with great expectation for your next recipe to appear I am never disappointed. 🙂
    Love them.
    Thanks Cindy

  4. Paula

    Congratulations! It’s always a pleasure to see your post and an even greater when I get to enjoy the end result prepared by you.

  5. Ann

    Cindy: Wow 300 blogs congratulations. Your recipes and food photography are inspiring and have led me ( and my sister in laws with whom I have shared the blog) to making many of the dishes. Please kept on blogging.


  6. Vivian Astroff

    Congrats and thank you for so many wonderful “shares”! Very professional blogs; always a pleasure to read even if I don’t cook the recipes.
    Beautiful stuff from Parkdale — I will have to head over there without delay!! Looking froward to your veggie post as I get tired of making ratatouille summer after summer….

  7. Linda M.

    Happy Blogiversary Cindy and I have loved them all! I would say my recipe binder is 80% full of your recipes and I do have my favourites…chocolate peanut butter mousse cake, chocolate chip cookies and panzanella salad. I will be making the Ultimate Smores this weekend. Your blogs are gorgeous, funny, inspiring and delicious. To many more!

    1. saltandserenity Post author

      Thanks Linda. As my # 1 commenter (tied for first with my mom, I think!!) I really look forward to your comments. I love that you try so many of the recipes. It’s fun to compare notes with you.

  8. Mom

    Drear CINDY,Congratulations on your amazing 300 blogs.You are talented,creative,generous and write with great wit.Your blogs are always a lesson of great food but more than that,they are tales from your heart.Your sharing makes your readers feel as if they know you and anxious for your next visit.The blogs you write are a pay forward as they are so often shared with your readers family I am very proud to be your mom.Continue shining the light and I look forward to reaping the benefits.Love you.

  9. Kavita

    Congratulations! I’ve been following your blog ever since Sam told me about it in Israel and really enjoy reading your posts 🙂

  10. Susie

    The highlight of any day for me is reading your blog. You are such a gifted cook and baker, talented photographer and writer, and wonderful communicator. Your stories and anecdotes about family, friends, your life and experiences, generously sprinkled with humour, bring us all into a special place. Thank you for sharing and enriching us with each new blog!
    Your recipes are my “go-to”…there are so many favourites! Congratulations Cindy!!!! Looking forward to many more installments of Salt & Serenity!
    Lots of love
    Sunny Susie

  11. themondaybox

    Some how I missed commenting on this auspicious event! Congratulations Cindy, 300 recipes is A LOT of work! How lucky your readers are that you chose to share your talents with us! I was trying to remember the first post of yours that I read….but I don’t remember (kind of typical for me these days!). What I do remember is reading your post about spinning on vacation and laughing out loud, then sharing it with every spinner I know! I remember feeling an immediate connection when I read your post with photos of birthday cakes you have made over the years for your kids and the Jewish holiday baking posts with your own special touch. The connection continues. I learn from every post you share; food or travel. Thank you.


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