Malted Chocolate Drumsticks

holding cone 625 sqready to eat 2 625 sqWhen I came across a recipe for Malted Chocolate Ice Cream in Bon Appetit Magazine, I instantly knew that I must create it for my charming friend Marla. Her guilty secret is a wild passion for Malteasers (chocolate covered malt balls). While her husband Ed and I prefer to poison ourselves with Twizzlers, Marla has always preferred Malteasers.

I made the ice cream and transferred it to the freezer. While cleaning up I licked the bowl to taste. I was instantly transported back to my childhood. Totally reminiscent of the chocolate Drumsticks of my youth. Usually the corner store only stocked Vanilla Drumsticks, but once in a while they carried the cones filled with a light chocolate ice cream. This malted milk ice cream reminded me exactly of those. I knew I had to recreate them!

The base for this ice cream requires a dozen egg yolks! Luckily, Marla made us an incredible Lady Baltimore cake that used a ton of egg whites, so the yolks were just sitting in the fridge the next day. It was meant to be!tempering yolksjpgThe hot custard melts the chocolate. melting chocolateBefore the liquid can go into the ice cream machine it needs to chill for a while in an ice water bath. chilling ice cream base in ice bathice cream for freezerWhile the ice cream was freezing, I tackled the cocoa-coffee crumbs. Bon Appetit magazine calls them “delirium inducing” and I have to concur!crumble ingredientsCocoa powder, ground coffee, flour, melted butter, sugar and ground almonds are combined and then spread out on a cookie sheet and baked in the oven until dry and crispy.

A dip in melted chocolate and then a roll in salted roasted almonds, because that’s how we roll around here. Extra deliciousness. Sweet and salty is just an awesome combo.dipping cones 1jpgdipping cones 2dipped cones 3Malted Chocolate Ice cream is scooped and cones are filled. scoopingA final dip in more melted chocolate and a finishing touch of cocoa- coffee crumbs!!dipping top in chocolate

Click here to print recipe for Malted Chocolate Drumsticks.holding cone 1ready to eat 1

7 thoughts on “Malted Chocolate Drumsticks

    1. saltandserenity Post author

      Thanks Michelle,
      I am sure the kids will love them. Can’t take credit for the manicure. Those hands belonged to visiting friends. I bribed them to be my hand models in exchange for a cone!

  1. Faith feingold

    Oh Cindy!! Can’t believe you remember the chocolate drumsticks! What was the name of the store in our plaza that we bought them at? Remember all the candy we would buy there!! It’s on the tip of my tongue. And, yah love your nail polish too! Xo

  2. themondaybox

    Hand modeling in exchange for one of these ice cream cones sounds like a great deal to me! Luscious! Do you think the crumbs would still be delirium inducing if I left out the almonds? I am thinking of trying this with peanuts on the cone and nut-free crumbs. Allergies call for creative solutions. 🙂


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