On the third night of Chanukah: Macadamia Coconut White Chocolate Shortbread

On the third night of Chanukah I baked Macadamia Coconut White Chocolate Shortbread cookies for my true love. cookies and milk for the kidsThis is a Martha Stewart recipe, from her lovely Cookie Book. Her recipe used coconut and macadamia nuts, but I added white chocolate to mine. These tropical shortbread cookies are buttery and crumbly, everything a good shortbread cookie should be.

Certain foods just belong together. I learned about the magic combination of white chocolate and macadamia nuts many years ago when I worked at The David Wood Food Shop in Toronto. I was pregnant at the time and consumed a very large quantity of pastry chef Daphna Rabinovich’s Macadamia and White Chocolate Chip Cookieswhat you'll need

mixing doughI find it much easier to roll out the dough right after I make it, before chilling. Roll it out between two sheets of parchment paper. Then stick it in the freezer for about 30 minutes before cutting it into shapes. rolling dough between 2 sheets of parchmentI love these fluted square cookie cutters. They remind me of Nice cookies from my childhood. cookie cutters

Click here to print recipe for Coconut Macadamia White Chocolate Shortbread.

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6 thoughts on “On the third night of Chanukah: Macadamia Coconut White Chocolate Shortbread

  1. themondaybox

    The problem is that you are nuts about nuts and I am allergic to nuts. My mouth is watering for these shortbread cookies.Luckily, white chocolate and coconut is wonderful even without macadamia nuts. How lovely to go through a pregnancy munching on chocolate chiip cookies! As you offered no clue, I am guessing the names on the milk bottles are special to you and your true love? 🙂 (You are doing an amazing amount of Chanukah baking!)

      1. themondaybox

        🙂 My poor kids didn’t have nicknames. The closest we came is when my son,around age 3, asked why we named him “NO, NO!” (Though his name is Noah, the frequent NO! was due to his behavior not a term of endearment.)

  2. Faith feingold

    Mmm.. I remeber Nice cookies from our childhood. What was the name of the cookies with the colourful hard icing with pictures on them?


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