Farro Salad with Pomegranate, Pistachio and Ricotta Salata

ready to eat 2When I was little, pomegranates were considered an exotic and a very rare treat. They usually appeared around mid-September, and my mom would make us get naked and go outside in the backyard to eat them. She was a bit of a neat freak in those days, and pomegranate stains are a bitch to get out. I have fond memories of those backyard orgies with my sisters.

I was in Israel the first time I ever laid eyes on a pomegranate tree. Laden with heavy red globes, about to burst with ripeness, I thought it was the most beautiful plant I had ever seen. According to Jewish folklore, the pomegranate has 613 seeds, which corresponds to the 613 mitzvot (good deeds) of the Torah (Jewish written law). While it makes for a good story, scientists suggest that the actual number of seeds in a pomegranate is most likely dependant upon the degree of pollination.

Now that I’m all grown up and don’t have to get  naked to seed pomegranates anymore, I find myself sneaking them into all sorts of dishes. I love them in Pomegranate Chicken, Pomegranate Tomato Salad, and Pomegranate Molasses Glazed Carrots.

Their jewel-like seeds add crunch and a sweet-sour tang to a Farro Salad. A tart vinaigrette and boldly flavored mix-ins of pistachios and ricotta salata cheese are a perfect complement to the nutty farro.what you'll needCook the farro in a combo of water and vegetable or chicken stock. A bay leaf, garlic clove and a few parsley stems help infuse the farro with more flavour. stock makes it more flavourfulFresh squeezed lemon juice creates a bracing vinaigrette. Shallots add gentle onion flavour and mildly bitter Italian parsley adds brightness and balance.reaming lemondicing shallotsItalian parsleyready to assembleThis salad keeps well for several days in the fridge. Any leftovers make a very satisfying breakfast the next day.

Click here to print recipe for Farro Salad with Pomegranate, Pistachios and Ricotta Salata.

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4 thoughts on “Farro Salad with Pomegranate, Pistachio and Ricotta Salata

  1. Faitb feingold

    I think of us getting undressed everytime I eat a pomegranate. I think we used to eat them I the front porch too. Xo

  2. themondaybox

    Moving swiftly past images of your childhood feasting on pomegranites…..:)….I have never seen a pomegranite tree. It sounds wonderous. Like this salad. I challenge anyone who thinks salads are boring to read this post! I love pomegranate anything (just the right combo of sweet, dry, tart). The many flavors in this salad have my mouth watering!

  3. Lise Fish

    I can entirely relate to your story. My mother (a French Canadian) always bought this fruit once a year. As a kid, we had no idea what this fruit was except weird and messy. However we ate it. Years later, I can’t get enough of it. Anxious to make this salad. The picture of the tree was so neat, I had never seen this. Love your blog by the way, I have a good collection of your recipes. One of my favourites is the popovers. I had a lot of fun with that one!


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