Roasted Strawberry Lemon Meringue Tartlets

Tart 2I recently attended a food photography workshop at The Urban Element. The class was taught by two very gifted Montreal food photographers, Ariel Tarr and Valeria Bismar. Together they run The Illuminated Table.

I have been experiencing blogging fatigue, struggling with what to write about and feeling like I’m stuck in a rut with my photography and food styling. The opportunity to attend this workshop came at the perfect time. It was great to connect with other like-minded food obsessed women.

I came away feeling inspired to step away from my comfort zone and change my camera angle. (I rely too heavily on the top down shot) Watching Ariel and Valeria maximize the available natural light galvanized me to abandon my artificial lights and set up next to the window.Tart 1jpgPartially eatenI also left with some great new food blogs and Instagram accounts to follow. Food blogger Katie was there at the suggestion of her mom. Wish my kids listened to my suggestions!! Denine, a photographer and teacher of photography at Algonquin College was there to pick up a few tips about food photography. Food blogger and cooking show host Eva,  and cooking teacher and blogger Maria were both looking to hone their photography and food styling skills.

The workshop was mostly hands on, with lots of opportunity to practice the new skills we were taught. In the afternoon session we had the chance to style and shoot a gorgeous lemon meringue tart. With local strawberries just coming into season, I was inspired to create a  strawberry lemon meringue tart. The genius idea of roasting the strawberries, to intensify their natural sweetness and juiciness comes from this Bon Appetit recipe.Roasting StrawberriesYou could of course make one large tart, but I have mini tart pans and I love to use them any opportunity I get.dough fot tartsTart ShellsTime to build the tartlets. A tart lemon filling is topped with sweet and juicy roasted strawberries. I filled my tarts with a lemon cream, but I strongly suggest you fill yours with a lemon curd. The recipe that follows has detailed instructions on how to make a lemon curd. A curd is much more stable than a cream and as a result, the tarts will not get soggy within a few hours. putting strawberries on tartsI put the meringue in a piping bag fitted with a star tip and greatly amused myself making different designs. You could also just spoon it on, but then you won’t have as much fun. To brown the meringue I used a kitchen torch, because it’s so satisfying and just a bit dangerous to play with fire. (I know, I live on the edge!) If you don’t have one, a minute or two under the broiler will achieve the same result.tarts on wooden board 1Tart with black background 1

Click here to print recipe for Roasted Strawberry and Lemon Meringue Tarts.

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10 thoughts on “Roasted Strawberry Lemon Meringue Tartlets

  1. themondaybox

    Seriously, Cindy, the moment I opened this page I noticed a difference. I have always admired your photography, but the top photo really popped out at me. I didn’t think it could get even better, when as I scrolled through the post, I got to the roasted strawberry photo. OMG. How did you do that?! Not only does it look like a gourmet magazine shoot, but the lighting and clarity make the strawberries look like they are on my desk! I desperately need several photography workshops. Photos are my biggest frustration. I think I have the right equipment, but I just don’t have the knowledge to get crisp, beautiful photos like yours. I DO understand blogging rut/block. It looks like you broke through! These tartlets look gorgeous.

    1. saltandserenity Post author

      Thanks Wendy! I must admit I just got a new camera. I upgraded from the Canon T3i, to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. At the workshop I attended, I discovered that my T3i had a crop sensor ( a full frame.I had no idea what this was and why it even made a difference.
      I am loving the new camera and I really think that trying to shoot in natural light has also made a difference.

      1. themondaybox

        Well, I have only just started using my Canon T5i, and the camera and I don’t speak the same language….yet? Thank you for the link. I have it bookmarked so that I can read it repeatedly until I can sort of understand it! When my summer travels are over, I will be seeking out and enrolling in photo workshops around here.

  2. Susan Doyle

    If you are in a rut I don’t know where the rest of us are! I admire your writing and photos so much and love the way you provide so much detail for every recipe you share. I was already a fan, but these new photos are amazing! thanks for sharing your talent and your candor.


  3. Linda M

    I think these photos are so beautiful and the red on white really pops. I don’t know if it’s the angle, colours or lighting but you can almost taste these tarts with your eyes! Always a big fan of your blog Cindy and I try most recipes with many favourites.


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