Beat the Heat with Watermelon Spears

Here’s how I’ve been amusing myself this week – making watermelon spears. This is a fantastic  kitchen hack. So much fun to do and eat. (Clearly, I am easily amused!)remove spear 2Start with a large oblong watermelon and if my mom is around, make sure you wash the skin very well. I must admit she’s right, since a quick cleaning will eliminate the chances of transferring whatever’s on the outside of your watermelon to the inside when you cut into it. Cut watermelon in half widthwise.Za'atar Chicken_1Stand one half, cut side down. Using a large sharp knife, cut into slices about 1-2 inches apart.slicing across 1Now, here’s where it helps to have large hands like me. Hold the top of the watermelon, so that the slices stay together and cut across the other way into slices. Like rows and columns on a spreadsheet.slicing across 2How cool is this?remove spear 1Like an edible game of Jenga. Go ahead, you’ll thank me later.Watermelon jenga

3 thoughts on “Beat the Heat with Watermelon Spears

  1. Bo

    I like that ! Very cool Does the middle spear taste as good as the middle bite of a cream filled donut ????

  2. Faith Feingold

    Everytime I see or eat a watermelon I think of the time we skipped Hebrew school to hang out in the park and eat a watermelon with our hands behind our back. How did we cut it? Xoxo


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