Margherita Socca Pizza (Socca Palooza: Chapter 4)

Margherita pizzaThe final entry in my Socca Palooza is the classic Margherita; roasted cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil. Start with some sweet little tomatoes, assorted colours are pretty.rainbow tomatoesCut them in half, mix with olive oil, salt and a bit of minced garlic. Roast them for about 20 minutes. roasted tomatoesTop the soccas with roasted tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. Pop it under the broiler to melt the cheese. Finish with fresh basil, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt. Margherita pizza toppingsThis is a drippy messy socca. Serve with a knife, fork and lots of napkins and dig in. Margherita pizza have a slice

Click here to print recipe for Margherita Socca Pizzas.

2 thoughts on “Margherita Socca Pizza (Socca Palooza: Chapter 4)

  1. themondaybox

    Thank you, Cindy!! I made socca using your recipe last night. It is easy and so delicious!! My plan had been to do a trial run to see if I could actually duplicate your round socca crusts, but I ran out of time. So, a short time before company arrived I started to pour batter. The first socca was too thin and impossible to flip without ripping. I panicked. Then, I switched to a smaller pan and a bit less batter, and the soccas were both easy and delicious! I put a variety of toppings (your recipes for socca versions 1-3 plus nectarine relish and grilled chicken) and let people be their own socca artists. The unanimous decision was that these recipes are keepers that need to be made again soon! p.s. Though I have made ricotta before, the linked recipe, with it’s lovely lemon flavor, was wonderful!


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