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Maple Sandwich Cookies

sandwich cookies 3While maple might not be the first flavour that leaps to mind for holiday baking, these cookies might change your mind.  Like many Canadians, I grew up eating maple sandwich cookies, so I have a certain nostalgic fondness for them. One of these and a paper cup filled with apple juice takes me right back to nursery school!one cookie 2It’s been a while since I’ve snacked on a maple sandwich cookie, but as soon as I saw them being made on The Great Canadian Baking Show, I couldn’t stop craving them. While Canada’s version of the British original is a bit staid, at least we weren’t pulled from the air after the first 2 episodes for inappropriate behavior from one of our judges. Another fallen culinary hero. Mostly, I feel sad for all the contestants on the U.S. show that never got to showcase their talent.

Just reread that last paragraph and realized that my guilty pleasure for reality TV has been exposed. Not all reality TV though. Only shows that showcase actual skill or talent, such as Top Chef and Project Runway. The less drama and conflict between the contestants, the more I love it. Have any of you caught Masterchef Australia? Completely addictive.

The cookies are a simple shortbread dough, using unsalted butter, icing sugar, all-purpose flour, salt and a bit of maple extract. Do yourself a favour and roll out the dough between 2 sheets of parchment paper as soon as you make it. Then chill the sheet of dough.dough ready to roll outCut out shapes from chilled dough. cutting out maple leavescookies on baking sheet with fondant tool If you want to get really fancy, you can draw the veining of the leaf with the tip of a paring knife. Or, if like me, your drawing talents suck, invest in one of these fondant cutters. It works best if you let the dough soften up a bit before you try to stamp the vein imprint on the cookie. fondant toolBefore baking, I sprinkled each cookie with coarse sanding sugar and just a touch of flaky sea salt. ready to bakeThe filling for the sandwich cookies is made from unsalted butter, icing sugar and maple butterjar of maple butter I have tried a few different brands of maple butter and they were all pretty amazing. This one is from Vermont, this one is from Quebectopping sandwichesIf maple is your jam, these cookies are for you. The maple flavour is intense and rich. They are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea.  pouring tea

Click here for the recipe for Maple Sandwich Cookies.

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Smoked Almond Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

dipped 1cookies with jar of caramelized white chocolateI’m not going to lie. One of the reasons I wanted to make these cookies was that they gave me an excuse to buy one of these. I have always wanted a pastry docker. They look like so much fun to use. Of course the docker is not mandatory. You can always poke the dough with a fork to prevent it from puffing up. But a docker is so much more amusing. Plus, it doubles as a great back scratcher. DockingThe recipe for these comes from the brilliant mind of cookie wizard, Mindy Segal. I wrote about her book, “Cookie Love”, a few weeks ago.

I strongly urge you to bake these cookies very soon. My lame-ass description of these cookies can’t possibly live up to just how delicious they are. A filling of caramelized white chocolate buttercream and raspberry jam is sandwiched between two smoked almond shortbread cookies. To further embellish them, Mindy asks us to dip them  into bittersweet chocolate. I have learned to do exactly what Mindy tells me to. She has yet to lead me astray. circle 625 sqIf you are a passionate cookie person, you owe it to yourself, and your loved ones, to make these cookies. Admittedly, in typical Mindy style, there are a few recipes required to produce these cookies, but you can spread the work out over 2 days if you like.

Start with the dough. You will need to grind salted smoked almonds with some all purpose flour in the food processor.Cookie IngredientsGround almonds and flourDo yourself a favour and roll out dough between 2 sheets of parchment paper while the dough is still soft. Then, chill dough and cut into shapes.Cookie Dough 1Divide dough into 2I drew a rectangle on my parchment paper, so I would know exactly how much to roll it out. rolling dough 1
rolling dough 2cutting cookies into squaresThe caramelized white chocolate filling begins with roasting good quality white chocolate in the oven for about 20 minutes. Give it a stir and continue roasting and stirring until it looks like peanut butter. You can buy caramelized white chocolate if you wish to save some time. White ChocolateCaramelizing 1Caramelizing 2Caramelizing 3About 1/4 cup of the caramelized white chocolate is incorporated into a butter and icing sugar frosting. To make your life easier, put frosting into a piping bag, fitted with a round tip. Mindy also gives a recipe for making your own raspberry preserves, but I decided to use a good quality store bought raspberry jam.

Start by piping a W on half the cookies. Piping buttercream 1Piping buttercream closeupDollop on a scant spoonful of raspberry jam and swirl with the buttercream. Raspberry jamjam closeupswirling jamTop each frosted cookie with a lid and chill just until filling firms up. Then dip in chocolate and chill to set the chocolate. dipping

Click here to print recipe for Smoked Almond Shortbread Sandwich Cookies. Smoked Almond Shortbread Sandwich Cookies.


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