On the second night of Chanukah: Oat Pistachio Cookies

stacked cookies 625 sqOn the second night of Chanukah I made my true love Oat Pistachio cookies. I have been wanting to make them ever since I saw these cookies on Natasha’s beautiful blog, Butter Baking. Based on the traditional English cookie, The Hobnob, they are an oat based digestive cookie, coated in chocolate.

Buttery, crumbly and a bit chewy in the center, they are the perfect cookie to have with tea at bedtime. Some people even like to dunk them in their tea. I have never understood the appeal of this. Why would you take a perfectly good crunchy cookie and make it soggy?cookies and milkI decided to amp up the crispy factor by adding some finely chopped pistachios to the dough. Their delicate nutty flavour is a great partner for oats and whole wheat flour. mise en placeThese cookies call for Golden Syrup, which helps with keeping the texture a bit chewy. Golden Syrup is quite common in the U.K. It is not exactly the same as corn syrup, but if you can’t find it, corn syrup is ok as a substitute. I actually found it at Walmart!scooping tablespoons of doughflatten doughready for blanket of chocolateA coating of bittersweet chocolate takes these buttery, crumbly cookies to the next level.spooning on chocolate

Click here to print recipe for Oat and Pistachio Cookies.

spreading chocolate


6 thoughts on “On the second night of Chanukah: Oat Pistachio Cookies

  1. themondaybox

    You have one lucky True Love, Cindy! These cookies, in their crunchy state rather than in a mushy-in-my-coffee state, sound delicious. Just the thing to have with (not in) a cup of hot whatever. I too am a big fan of Natasha’s blog and have several favorite cookies from her recipes. 🙂 Blue/aqua is my favorite color. Your matching everything is so pretty in these photos. Happy 2nd day of Chanukah!

    1. saltandserenity Post author

      Thanks Wendy! I can’t seem to stop buying styling props for my blog. I have turned an unused room in our house into my prop storage space. My family thinks I have a problem. I call it a passion!

  2. DJ Anderson

    These are great cookies. Wondering about the golden syrup, though. It doesn’t appear in the ingredients list. I guessed at 2 TBS – is that close to correct?

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